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    method modify and filter

    Eugene Bessel Newbie

      since I implemented the method modify in my DataTableModel, the filtermethod doesn't work.



      first of all I implemented the filterMethod like in



      then I implemented the DataModel and method modify like


      public void modify(List<FilterField> arg0, List<SortField2> sortFields) {



      now the application doesnt go into my filterMethod.


      is the new method modify responsible for this behavior??


      can I delegate the filtercall to my filterMethod??


      thank you




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          Konstantin Mishin Novice
          If you use ExtendedDataModel which implements Modifiable as value of DataTable you should manage filtering and sorting yourself.
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            Eugene Bessel Newbie

            Hallo Konstantin.


            you are right. when I remove the method modify and when my column is not implemented the interface Modifiable then the framework sort the datavalues by itself.


            it is ok.


            The Component ExtendedDataTable has a very usefull feature: "groupBy". The disadvantage of ExtendedDataTable is that it is very very slow.


            So I try to implement simple DataTable and if I know which column should be sorted, then I can go throw the sorted column and when the value is changed then I add new empty row .

            On the page the user can see goups of dataValue.


            do you know what I mean??


            For this purpose I tried to implement the method modify.

            The first problem I still dont know which column should be sorted.

            The second the framework dont want to sort the data. I thought that I can call some method from framework and provide my Data to sort. But which Method??