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    Access of listShuttle target values via Java script

    Leonid Sokolin Newbie

      Could somebody tell me how I could access targetValue list for rich:listShuttle from Java script?


      I am curious, if I could use the values from that list to populate another h:selectOneMenu component.


      So, each time the item is moved (removed) to the target screen I want it to be added (deleted) to the list of options for that element.


      I could do it via the server call on , but then there is a problem with required message logic (it shows it after I remove the last item from target).


      a4j:support event="onlistchanged" action="#{qtBeanParam.updateSort}" reRender="sortingPanel"


      So, I am trying to see, if I could do instead via Java script. For example, as follows:









      populateSortPeriods() {


      var sortPeriod = document.getElementById('piPerformanceReturnsForm:sortPeriod');


      var trailPeriod = document.getElementById('piPerformanceReturnsForm:selectTimePeriods');

      sortPeriod.options.length = 0;


      for (var i=0; i < trailPeriod.targetValue.length; i++)



      new Option(trailPeriod.targetValue[i].text, trailPeriod.targetValue[i].value);




      Problem is I don't know how to access items from target list.