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    JBPM Console Error: "No UI associated with PROCESS ..."

    Richard Clayton Newbie

      Hi all,


      I was hoping someone could help me with a little problem I'm having with deployments.  I've created a Servlet that allows authenticated users to upload Workflow definitions using a zip file.  The Servlet extracts the contents of the zip file and then creates a new deployment, adding each extracted file as resource for the deployment.  Instead of adding resources using the "addResourceFromClasspath" method, I am using the "addResourceFromFile" method.


      This method of deployment is working pretty decently, unfortunately, if I add Freemarker templates, I am not able to use them in the JBPM Console.  Everytime I start a new instance of a Process Definition, I get a "No UI associated with PROCESS ..." from the BPM Console.  When I go to the database, I can verify that the template exists as a BLOB and is associated with the right process definition id.


      I'm curious if there is some special way I'm supposed to reference this file?  Currently, I'm just refering to the file by name:


      <start form="template.ftl">


      Is there some other way I should be refering to this template file?