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      I have Richfaces 3.3.2 CR1

      I try to implement ScrollableDataModel using attribute columns.


      I have a question about currentPK. This object is used in each Model in methods

      1. private Integer currentPk; 
      2. @Override 
      3. public Object getRowKey() 
      4. {
      5.     return currentPk; 
      6. }
      7. @Override 
      8. public void setRowKey(Object key) 
      9. {
      10.     this.currentPk = (Integer) key; 
      11. }


      My question is, which value can be this object? in this example it is just an object.

      I get an ConverterException with message:

      Value 4 is not supported by this converter.

      or if I use String

      Value michael is not supported by this converter



      My currentPK is a String from the first column I have.