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    Jopr + Reverse Proxy + SSL

    W. de Heiden Newbie

      A set up an Apache Reverse Proxy (using mod_proxy) in front off Jopr 2.3.1. Connection to Apache is made using SSL using basicly the following configuration:


              ProxyPreserveHost On
              SSLProxyEngine On
              SSLEngine On
              ProxyRequests Off


              ProxyPass / ajp://localhost:9009/
              ProxyPassReverse / ajp://localhost:9009/


      It all seems to work fine but there turn out to be one problem: I cannot use Metric Display Range --> Advanced Settings


      The Advanced Settings popup does appear and I am able to set from: .... and to: .... However, pressing OK all it does is taking a bit more time but nothing happens! The GUI just returns to the "nomal" metric display.


      Using the same ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse without SSL works perfectly well! I spend tons of time reading debug file but so far I haven't got a clue. What is going wrong using Apache mod_proxy & SSL?


      Some details:

      Centos 5.4 (64 bit)

      Apache 2.2.3 Release 31.el5.centos.2