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    Configure PojoCache on Rad 7.5 Development


      I am very new to PojoCache, I was trying to use that for caching of java objects, and It all worked fine with JUnit, Now when I try to use it on the webapplication, nothing seems to work, I think I am missing a few steps in the configuration. I go to admin console and put in the javaAgent, but, that does not work. I added quite a few libs in the classpath, and now it is attempting to instrument every file including the ones given by Eclipse. Which takes about 3 minutes to do, So, for every small change, it takes about 3 mins, which is totally confusing. after all that when it does start up. I put a break point in the method that fetches the object from cache. It does find it in the cache, and I can inspect the object, but when I use any variable in the object that was retrieved it says cannot create joinPoint I am sure that is another configuration that I am missing, can you guys please lead me in the right direction. It might be something trivial that I have missed, but, I am not able to figure out on my own.