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    Masked region not released, when modal panel is closed. Issu

    Karthic Prabhu Balasamy Newbie


      I have a problem in using rich: modal panel in Opera 9.6 browser. Here when a modal panel is displayed , the region or page behind the panel is masked and the modalpanel is shown. Issue : but even if the modal panel is closed the masked region is released only to the active division and but not for the whole page. So the masked region remains as it is and resembles as like modal panel hidden back to the refreshed page.A sample screen attached to this , to know the actual issue. You can clearly find the region above the panel displayed is released after masking, when a command button in the modal panel is clicked. But even after the modal panel action is over, the modal panel layer and the masked window region remains as it is. NOTE : You can find the difference of masked and non-masked region with the window background color in the attached image.

      Thank you.