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    Help!Updating a SelectOneMenu's choices based on the selection of another SelectOneMenu

    Markus Nikolopoulos Newbie

      It sounds like a trivial case to accomplish with <a4j:support .../> but I am stuck and panicking.


      I need to modify the available selections on a SelectOneMenu(A) based on the selection made in another SelectOneMenu(B).

      I have tried to use <a4j:support event="onchange" reRender="..."...../> tag with all possible combinations of immediate="true",

      bypassUpdates="true" and ajaxSingle="true" but always get validation errors on (A) whenever my backing bean(request scope)

      changes the SelectItems of (A) in the valueChangeListener of (B).

      I am starting to think there is something very basic that I have missunderstood here(not much experience with JSF/RichFaces).


      Please, can you point me to some similar code doing this or give me a hint or ideas to try.

      I'll be happy to follow up with a condensed version of the code if you'd care to take a look.


      Desperate & Grateful