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    PROBLEM a4j:region - Huge negative impact on performance

    Nicolas Gaudin Newbie


      Having in one page several a4j:include or jsp:include all well delimited with a4j:region (with renderRegionOnly when adapted).

      Most of them have JSF backing bean in request scope.

      Each time an ajax request is sent, all includes in request scope are reRender in backend (all going through PostConstruct and PreDestroy as seen in the log)

      Putting a4j:include with ajaxRendered=false and the regions with renderRegionOnly=true has NO EFFECT!!!

      This has a great impact on performance having each request taking between 7 and 15 seconds and even more than 20 seconds if include contains tabs, each tab containing dataTable.. .

      The application is almost unusable (response times) due to this issue.

      Have you identifed such problems ?
      Any workaround?

      Help greatly appreciated