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    Custom Tag with Richfaces Component

    Pulkit Mehra Newbie

      Hi Friends,


      My project involves JSF 1.2+Facelets+Richfaces.

      I am developing a functionality in which i am stuck badly at a point.

      I thought a solution which involves JSF custom tag with Richfaces Component



      I need to generate a div with custom CSS(back ground image) .On that particular div i need to draw a data grid.

      Each grid should contains <rich:dropsupport>.So my code in custom tag will be something like this :


      <div >











      <rich:dataScroller> //i want this scroller to change background image in div


      Problems :

      1)How i can club up richfaces component in custom tag(*) dynamically or How can i generate Richfaces component from custom tag code.

      2)If yes,please give me some hint code how to call these components from inside custom tag