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    SCA and ESB?

    Tomas Fecko Newbie

      What's the state of service component architecture support in jBoss ESB? Where can I find some info about it, better some examples?

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          Tomas Fecko Newbie
          in the top picture of jboss ESB there is SCA in green color - as meant for future, where can I find some info about that? where the development is proceeding?
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            Tom Fennelly Master
            Hi Tomas... there's no SCA support available in the ESB at present and I'm not sure if it's on the roadmap.
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              Tomas Fecko Newbie

              why it is than shown on picture (Service component architecture):



              It is shown in green, as planned in future? Or that just mean sometimes in far future, not even planned?

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                Kevin Conner Master

                Hiya Tomas.


                The current intention is to support SCA as part of the development of ESB 5, probably through incorporation of the tuscany project.



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                  Tomas Fecko Newbie

                  well, great, that's information I was looking for, Apache Tuscany was exactly my aim...


                  And is there a developmnent on ESB 5 allready started? Can I contribute somehow, or download some development release somewhere?

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                    Tomas Fecko Newbie

                    What about Fabric 3, have you tought about that? Right know I'm trying to somehow connect Apache Tuscany to JBoss ESB, and there is a
                    little overhead in that - not big, but there is some...


                    I'm thinking about changing SCA implementation to Fabric3, which by the way offers many types of easy deployment - from own server through
                    OSGi runtimes (like Equinox or Apache Felix, ...) to JEE application servers (also JBoss). Apache tuscany has very poor documentation about deployments - so it's hard to talk about tuscany capabilities in that area.

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                      Tomas Fecko Newbie



                      we were working with fabric3 for some time and they are planning jboss support for the next release (so fabric3 can be incorporated to jbossAS).

                      Actualy to lookup some services is then as easy as:


                                  HttpSession session = request.getSession();
                                  ComponentContext context = (ComponentContext) session.getAttribute("org.oasisopen.sca.ComponentContext");
                                  HelloService service = context.getService(HelloService.class, "hello");
                      I think the incorporation of fabric3 could be made in pretty easy way than... I can't say that about tuscany...
                      What do you think?
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                        Marco Piraccini Newbie

                        Hi Kevin,


                        The SCA support is currenlty under development? It's possible to test it already (using nightly build) or it's too soon?



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                          Keith Babo Master

                          Hi Marco and Tomas,


                          We are investing SCA support/integration as part of SwitchYard, which is our next generation version of JBoss ESB.  The first thing we are looking at is using SCDL as our expression of a composite application.  From there, we will look at how we might integrate with Tuscany and potentially other SCA runtimes.  The idea is to provide a common view of the configuration of an application through SCA, but not repeat/duplicate a complete implementation of an SCA runtime.


                          We will be pushing an milestone 1 preview of SwitchYard in the next week or so.  It's early days for the project, so don't expect a full-blown ESB in the first milestone, but there should be enough there to get a feel for where we are headed and provided feedback on our direction.  In the meantime, here's recent thread on configuration in the SwitchYard dev forum:






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                            Hendy Irawan Newbie

                            Now that SwitchYard 0.2 is imminent, is it clear yet the relationship between SwitchYard and SCA?


                            Which SCA runtime will be used?

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                              Tom Cunningham Master

                              Better question for the SwitchYard board (I think you already posted something similar there) :