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      As part of JBAOP-772 I've been cleaning up JBoss AOP code by removing any old classpool leftover that I can find.

      During this process, I found this ExtraClassPoolFactoryParameter class. It has a warning in the javadoc telling that it should not be deleted:


       * This class is used by the AS5 integration. Do not delete!!!! 
       * @author <a href="kabir.khan@jboss.com">Kabir Khan</a>
       * @version $Revision: 1.1 $
      public class ExtraClassPoolFactoryParameters


      But, taking a look at the way this class is being used, it looks like there is something missing, as this is all I can find:


       public class VFSClassLoaderScopingPolicy implements AOPClassLoaderScopingPolicyWithRegistry
         public void registerClassLoader(Module module, ClassLoader loader)
            //Need to pass some data through to the classpoolfactory here
            Map<Object, Object> properties = new HashMap<Object, Object>();
            //The module is needed by the JBoss5ClassPoolFactory, the legacy JBossClassPoolFactory will ignore this
            properties.put(Module.class, module);
               AspectManager.instance().registerClassLoader(loader); //Ends up in classpool factory create method


      I can't find any calls to ExtraClassPoolFactoryParameters.peekThreadProperties. Is this class really being used? Where?