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    small 'gotcha' in errai QueryService example

    Ronak Mallik Newbie
      The errai 1.0.0.GA release (on 2010-03-01) has the following:
          public String[] getQuery(String queryString) {
              return new String[] { System.currentTimeMillis() + "" };
            //  return dataMap.get(queryString.toLowerCase());
      located in errai-1.0.0/examples/queryservice/src/main/java/org/errai/samples/queryservice/server/QueryService.java Now, the right return statement is there, however... when first running the example one may not always be following along with the code. In which case, you'd get the unexpected result of the current time in milliseconds. Not a huge deal, because it's an easy fix... but i think the example that's in the release should have the datamap return statement uncommented. Just my .02