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    SerializableDataModel problem with SequenceRange

    Eugene Bessel Newbie

      hello all,


      I downloaded the Richfaces 3.3.3CR1

      but the following problem is still occurs.


      I have a dataModel which implement the SerializableDataModel.

      I make in my walk method:

              int firstRow = ((SequenceRange) range).getFirstRow();
              int numberOfRows = ((SequenceRange) range).getRows();


      if I use scrollableDataTable, then the numberOfRows is correct.


      I need to use DataTable. when I use it, then the numberOfRows is always "-1". and firstRow is always 0.


      does anybody know the solution of this issue?


      should I implement one more methods, which should set the range??


      On the page I made an output of rows in each cell, and it is correct.

      does the SequenceRange has a relation to getRowKey???


      thank you for your answer