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    extended datatable issues

    jigar parekh Newbie

      i am using Richfaces 3.3.0 GA. in extended data table i have around 15 columns to show. As there are too many columns to make UI screen looks proper i had set width of extended data table limited (500px). and all column widths are certainly more than that. so browser will dispaly horizontal scroll bar inside data table which is good.

      but now issue is i can not increase width of column from UI as overall width is 500px.

      To resolve this issue i have surrounded extended data table with one div and set width of that 500px and set overflow auto. and also set extended data table width more than total columns width (1500px). This has resolve my problem as now there is extra blank space in right of data table i am able to increase width from UI.
      but only issues when i use horizontal scroll bar to move to right side of table and click on column to see menu it is not appearing below header but it is appearing extreme right side.

      my main issue is with too many column also i should be able to increase width of column. any solution or workaround to this issue.