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    Duplicate Id with  rich:extendedDataTable

    evi alxg Newbie



      I am getting this rather familiar to many of you error :

               java.lang.IllegalStateException: duplicate Id for a component queryPageBottomForm:j_id44




      I am using a rich:extendedDataTable control whose columns and content i am creating on my own, i.e I create the components programmatically.

      I have been very careful in defining my own ids for the components (static or dynamic ones).


      The above error comes up on sorting and filtering (i use the default sorting and filtering utilities of the table for this purpose)  and navigation to another page (i use the rich:datascroller component ) after some of the entries on the table have changed. e.g after deleting an entry, the sorting gives me this error.  Can you mention any other factor other than omitting ids that can cause this problem?  The page containing the table is included in a parent page  like this :


           <jsp:include page="queryPageBottomJSF.jsp" flush="true">


        and it contains the table in this way:


          <h:form binding="#{queryPageBottomJSF.queryPageBottomForm}" id="queryPageBottomForm" > 
               <rich:extendedDataTable> ...</rich:extendedDataTable>


      The  "queryPageBottomJSF" is a reference to a request scope bean.


      Any idea would be appreciated.  Thanx!