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    Is there any way to filter / hide nodes in a rich tree?

    Lars-Remi Pettersen Newbie

      Hey there,


      I'm dynamically building a tree using adaptors. Everything is working fine, but some of the branches have a tendency to become very long if the underlying data model they represent contain many elements. So I was wondering if there is some way to filter out displayed nodes like in extended data table. Say you type in some text, and define what attribute on the data model entries to filter by, and the tree would hide all nodes not matching the filter. Is this at all possible? I've looked over the tag information and done some searches on the forum, but I haven't really found anything which indicates that it's possible, nor any obvious way to do it without modifying the underlying data model (which I don't really want to do, since it's not meant to be changed, just to be hidden). Still, I figured I'd ask just in case I was missing something.