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    HTTP gateway and max threads

    Leon Doud Newbie

      Is maxThreads a valid configuration attribute for an http-gateway listener? How many threads does HTTP gateway use to service requests by default?


      I'm running into a problem with what I believe is a bad client calling the ESB via the HTTP gateway. The ESB is timing out while trying to write a response back to the client.


      It also appears that the request from the bad client is delaying responses to good client. This leads me to believe only one thread is being used by the ESB to service the HTTP requests in a serial manner.


      By increasing the number of threads to be more than the number of bad clients I could remove the majority of the delay for well behaved clients.


      Perhaps I'm wrong and there are multiple threads servicing the action pipeline that is fed by the http-gateway.  If that is the case it would be good to know as I can investigate other possible causes for the response delay I'm seeing.


      Thanks in advance,