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    Opening a file from Search view in JBT HTML editor

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      JBT HTML editor is the default (checked) option when I right-click a file in the Search view.  When I have a file already open (via double-click) from the Search view in the JBT HTML editor area and then double-click on another file in the Search view, the previous file disappears from the JBT HTML editor view (i.e. the new file is opened on top of the previous file when I double-click on the new file).


      If I right-click and then select JBT HTML editor, it opens in a new tab in the JBT HTML editor.


      Is there some config to fix this so I don't keep "losing" my files???


      Eclipse 3.5.2.SR2

      JBT 3.1.0.GA