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    Adding <td> attributes in a panelGrid?  Possible?

    Peter Len Apprentice



      I know this is not strictly a RichFaces question, but ......


      I am using a JSF HTML panelGrid to help build a table:


      <h:panelGrid columns=



      Part of what is going in the panelGrid is a text field and a picklist defined as:


      <h:outputText value=



      <h:selectManyListbox id="srcs" value="#{Planning.indexedSourcesPickSelected}" size=


         <f:selectItem itemLabel="All" itemValue="all" />

         <s:selectItems value="#{Planning.indexedDataSources}" var="i" label="#{i.label}" itemValue="#{i.value}"/>



      The problem that I am running into is that I can't find a way to get the ourtput text to be vertically aligned to the top of the <td> cell.  I have tried using attributes and styles to do this but with no luck.  If I view the source in the browser, I can see that a standard HTML table is being rendered. In one case I ended up just switching and using the standard HTML <table> tags where I can define attributes on my <td> tags.


      Does anyone know if you can define <td> attributes in some way when using a panelGrid?


      Thanks - Peter