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    Deployment from Eclipse don't deploy?

    Magnus Andersson Newbie



      I'm new to JBoss and have been playing around with JBoss and JBoss Tools to develop a test web applikation. I have followed some kind of guide in installing JBoss (6.0.0) and latest Eclipse (Galileo) and installing JBoss Tools with Eclipse. I have also installed Java 6 JDK.


      I made a JSF project and added some jsp-pages and a backing bean. I builds OK but it does not deploy to the server. I select 'Run on server' and the server starts up (default configuration from the fresh istalled JBoss) and it tries to find the jsp page (with jfs extension) but all I get is a 404 page.


      If I open the console and manually deploy an exported ear of my application it works but I want to deploy it from Eclipse.


      What can I have missed? There is no error messages in the console (well, it is not logged anything about deploying anything eighter).

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          Denis Golovin Master

          By default JBoss AS Adapter uses .metadata/.plugins/org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.core/JBoss-AS-5.1.0.GA/deploy folder to deploy your project and then registed this temp folder in JBoss AS throug JMX. It might not working properly for JBoss 6.0.0. I would try direct publishing to server deploy folder:

          1. Open Srver configuration by double click on your server instance in Servers view

          2. Go to Deployment tab and select "Use the JBoss Deploy folder"

          3. Save Server configuration

          4. Select your project on server and make a "Ful Publish" using project context menu

          5. Start server


          I hope it helps.

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            Denis Golovin Master

            But is an issue with JBoss AS adapter anyway, so I've created JIRA issue to track it https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/JBIDE-6080, so if you have anything that would help to fix it leave your comments  here or in JIRA. Thanks for your post

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              Alla Winter Newbie

              I had encountered the same problem , I went through your sugestions and I was able to execute my index.html.  But now I am having a different problem, I do not know how to instruct JBOSS where my library with the jars files ( I am trying to integrade JBOSS with SPRING).  I do have lib directory under WEB-INF, but I do not think that JBOSS sees it.  When I select eclipse option RUN AS->RUN CONFIGURATION, JBOSS entry is not present in there, like TOMCAT for example.   If that entry would have been present in there, then I would be able to set the class path.  I am new to JBOSS, so it is kind of  chalenging for me to figure out on my own how to configure it since it is not set up in a standard way like other servers.

              I would appreciate if you help me out how to configure JBOSS to see the SPRING jar files.


              thanks a lot.

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                Max Rydahl Andersen Master

                There is nothing different between how JBoss or Tomcat sees your jar's in web-inf/lib. They are automatically picked up if using JEE 5/6, if using earlier then you have to refer to them from manifest.mf.


                If you are missing JBoss in "Run As.." but have a Tomcat there then i'll assume is because you only added a Tomcat server and have not yet added a JBoss Server ( you do that via File > New> Server and then choose JBoss Enterprise or Community server depending on what you have available to you).


                And if that would have been available then it would still not be the right place to add spring or other jars for your WAR.