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    Request-response pattern using JMS?

    Mike Finn Newbie

      Bringing this over from user forum: http://community.jboss.org/thread/149042


      The only apparent way to do request/response execution of a service via JMS is by providing the response via JMS Router. This couples the service consumer transport into the service flow, which IMO seems like not a great thing. For example, if one is exposing an ESB service over both WS and JMS, conditional logic would need to be baked into the service to determine how to deliver the response.


      It seems a better approach would be for JmsGatewayListener to support the request/response semantic. I have such an implementation pretty close to complete, working off the 4.7 GA base. Should I just post a jira with it (can also port to trunk or 4_7_CP or whatever makes sense), or is there a better way to solve this? I am happy to build and contribute anything that solves the problem, but just want to know the consensus from you folks on the right way to go about this.