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    Server doing full publish after eclipse restart

    Greg Hance Newbie

      Hello -


      Not sure if this is a bug or a behavior change but I have noticed that after restarting eclipse, when I start the server for the first time Eclipse & JBoss AS Tools force a full publish for the server. I would expect that an incremental publish would happen instead and I'm sure that some earlier development versions of JBoss Tools 3.1 did this correctly.


      I found a workaround (just as an FYI). If I click on the web module first and explicitly specify "Incremental publish" - and then start the server then I don't have to wait for the full publish. But once again shouldn't "incremental" be the default?


      We have a very large code base so a full publish doesn't go unnoticed (takes 10-15 minutes), so luckily I have found a workaround but would be very curious to know if this is expected behavior or a bug.


      We use :


        • Eclipse JEE 3.5.2
        • JBoss Tools 3.1 (Only use JBoss AS Tools & Hibernate Tools)
        • JBoss 4.2.3 GA
        • Maven M2 Plugin - v. 0.10


      Thanks in advance! -Greg

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          Denis Golovin Master

          That's a known behavior of WTP Server adapter. After eclipse is started all modules added to the server have the same publishing state. This state is called PUBLISH_STATE_UNKNOWN. When deployment starts first time through context menu for server instance in servers view or as an auto publish it always starts as incremental publish, but during processing this request it analyze modules states and if it found module with PUBLISH_STATE_UNKNOWN it changes incremental publish to full publish.


          That happens because WTP Server Adapter doesn't save deployment state between sessions,