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    Arjuna Transaction Manager - License Error

    Neha agrawal Newbie


              I am using arjuna transaction manager with my product. But as soon as I begin the transaction I get the following error :-


      Transaction Manager raised exception [com.arjuna.common.util.

      exceptions.LicenceError].  com.arjuna.common.util.exceptions.LicenceError: Licence key not set.
      It seems that at runtime Transaction Manager is not able to find the property file from the classpath. As given in the docs ,At runtime JBossTS looks for its property file in the following order:

      1)  the current working directory, i.e., where the application was executed from.

      2)       the user's home directory.

      3) the CLASSPATH (via the getResource() method).


      I am not getting the error for the first 2 cases. But if just add the path of the property file in the classpath , JBossTS is not able to find it. Can someone please give me an idea of why this is happening. Any help is highly appreciated.