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    Missing natures

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      I creating a new workspace by copying the workbench and also exporting/importing the general preferences.


      When I opened a xhtml for editing, I see this:



      missing_natures.JPGI am trying to copy/clone a workspace with all the workbench and other settings but even the JBoss server view was showing but i had to reconfigure that as well as the Mylyn JIRA connector.


      Is there a really good way to 100% clone a workspace?  What about copying the workspace directory itself and then reconfiguring settings (like workspace name, etc.) manually?

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          Maxim Areshkau Apprentice

          Some features in JBT has been changed, so to get features working you should add this missing natures. 

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            Denis Golovin Master

            I'm not sure, because I never did that before, but copying *.pref files in the same location from old to new location should do the trick for most preferences. In some cases preferences saved different way like it happens for Mylyn, so there is not strait way to get this fixed.


            Last message related to the changes in code and not related to preferences migration. New version just does verification that all required natures are present for the project and that's why you see this dialog.