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    Jboss - HA-failover setup backup HQ problem

    yik cheung chan Newbie

      Can anyone have an idea what I did wrong?   I  would config a HQ  on Jboss as backup queue server by following the HornetQ 2.0 User Manual.  I have added Tag <backup>true<backup>in the hornetq-configuration.xml.  After re-starting jboss,  [HornetQSeverImpl] Activaiting backup server  is shown in the console as below.


      12:30:10,421 INFO  [EJBContainer] STARTED EJB: com.afe.sys.g2fo.ejb.test.Testbea
      n ejbName: testbean
      12:30:10,656 INFO  [Http11Protocol] Starting Coyote HTTP/1.1 on http-
      12:30:10,828 INFO  [AjpProtocol] Starting Coyote AJP/1.3 on ajp-

      12:30:10,859 INFO  [ServerImpl] JBoss (Microcontainer) [5.1.0.GA (build: SVNTag=JBoss_5_1_0_GA date=200905221634)]

      Started in 1m:24s:156ms

      12:30:10,984 INFO  [HornetQServerImpl] Activating backup server
      12:30:10,984 INFO  [JournalStorageManager] Using NIO Journal




      The live HQ server threw the an exception  while it was being started.


      2010-03-15 17:34:52,530 ERROR [org.jboss.kernel.plugins.dependency.AbstractKernelController] (main) Error installing to Start: name=JMSServerManager state=Create
      HornetQException[errorCode=104 message=Connected server is not a backup server]" is thrown  When live server is being started,  their is exception


      BackupRbooleanAttribute exposed for management


      However, I checked the JMX MBean View in the jmx-console, the value of Tag <Backup> is always false even it has been set to true in hornetq-configuration.xml.    I also changed the values of  the other parameters in hornetq-configuration.xml, their value were shown in the JMX MBean View as same as what i changed in the hornetq-configuration.xml except the Tag <Backup> .