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    RichFaces and WAI-ARIA specifications

    Angelo Immediata Newbie



      I'ld love to know if there is some integration/extension to satisfy the WAI-ARIA specifications.

      Infact in my country (Italy) we need to build applications that can work also when the client has the Javascript disabled (or client web browser doesn't support the Javascript)

      I was thinking how much can be the effort to extend RichFaces components to give same funcionalities also when javascripts are disabled


      Best regards,


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          Nick Belaevski Master

          Hi Angelo,


          Here is the alike thread: http://community.jboss.org/message/522058#522058 , but there's not much useful information.

          Please note two things:


          1) Some JSF standard components (e.g. h:commandLink) require JS

          2) AJAX won't work without JS


          P.S. For future discussion I've linked this forum thread as comment here: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/RichFaces40ComponentRelatedTopics#cf .

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            Jay Balunas Master

            Hi Angelo,


            Nick is completely correct,  many JSF components require JavaScript, especially in a rich component library set.


            We discussed this, and we'll add this to an accessibility planning page.  We'll review and discuss if/how something like JS disabled option could be supported.





            PS: Italy - PLEASE REPEAL YOUR "LEGGE STANCA" LAW!!!!  It is now the year 2010....

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              Angelo Immediata Newbie


              First of all thank you of your answers.


              Anyway i was thinking about to do a thing like this: if the browser supports JavaScrip or has JavaScript enabled we will use JavaScript; if the browser doesn't support JS or has JS disabled the JSF tag write a noscript tag where it can offer a similar function.

              Let's consider the suggestion box; the classical behaviour can be leaved when the browser supports JS or has JS enabled; when the JS are disabled or the browser doesn't suport JS we can thing to generate a noscrpit tag where there is an input text and a button; the user can click the button, submti the full page and then the result is the searched elements.

              This can be the solution for the autocmplete; honestly i can't imagine any other solution for drag and drop and other nice richfaces components.


              About the legge Stanca....well if i could decide i'ld love to delete it....but it's not up to me


              Besta regards,