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    Why Seam-gen does not generate entities - PostgreSql, anyone uses Seam?

    Maynard Witten Newbie

      I am using PostgreSql - connection can be established etc. - but when I am trying to generate entities and related CRUD web pages (I have tried both options - seam-gen commanline and Eclipse plugin) - I am getting working application but without any entities and related pages - as if there are not any tables in my schema. I am making connection to schema where I have 4 tables with different relationships. Where can I find any logs why it is so? There is no reported errors during the process. What should I do?


      BTW - I could not have find how to post in Seam forum - it seems to be closed. So - a bit offtopic - anyone uses Seam? I am reading Seam in Action by Manning now and I think that Seam+EJB+JSF should be excellent combination, but I am afraid of low activity around Seam here. Maybe book is excellent and no the... I hope not.


      Thanks in advance!