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    rich dropDownMenu ajax submitMode issue

    Guilhermo Piva Newbie

      so guys, im using rich faces' dropDownMenu, and it was suposed to reRender an include, like this...

      <rich:dropDownMenu value="menu">
       <rich:menuGroup value="Test">
       <rich:menuItem value="Country" reRender="panelContent" actionListener="#{mbInclude.refreshPage}">
       <f:param name="page" value="/country.xhtml"/>

      <ui:composition template="templates/template.xhtml">
       <ui:define name="content">
       <a4j:outputPanel ajaxRendered="true" id="panelContent">
       <ui:include src="#{mbInclude.url}" />
       <rich:spacer height="400"/>

      public void refreshPage(ActionEvent ev){
       FacesContext context=FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();

      basically, it controlls all content of my page, when i use ajax submitMode, it just cant reRender the include. I just got it working when i change from ajax to server submitMode.

      how can i solve it ?