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    rich:tree processNodeSelection question

    Dragan Ciganovic Newbie

      Hello everyone,



      1. I select tree node, processNodeSelection is triggered (OK)

      2. I select same tree node again, processNodeSelection is not triggered


      How can I make processNodeSelection to be triggered every time ?


      Problem explanation (real life):


      I have rich:tree and context menu for CRUD operations on database. Problem is when delete node occurs, if I delete node named 'a' selection automatically transfers to node's brother named 'asdfasdf', so when I right click again on 'asdfasdf' to delete or rename him, processNodeSelection is not fired.


      <rich:tree ajaxSubmitSelection="true"
                  ajaxSingle="true" reRender="keywordAddEditDeleteForm" 


      Thank you for your answers. Dragan