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    multiple components in <rich:page> facets

    Joe Greene Novice

      Hello -

      I'm using Richfaces 3.3.2.GA, and am trying to apply the new semantic layout components on a test page.  The problem i'm having is that it looks like I cannot have multiple components in a facet.  If I have a list of components, say, a list of 2 or 3 ui:include pages, the only one that gets included is the last one in the list.  I test this using multiple simple components like h:outputText or something like that, and this behavior seems to be very repeatable for me.


      Is this a known problem (or feature :-) )?  Or maybe I am just doing something careless or wrong.


      Maybe I just haven't run across the relevant part of the docs about this, although I have looked thru the Richfaces docs pretty well.


      Thank you for any help.


      - Joe