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    jopr component model


      I'm wanting to build a static view of the management components we support through jopr as the starting point for the profileservice domain metadata view. Where can I find the description of the components we expose via the admin-console in AS?

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          For the most part, the managed components we use can be found by looking at the plugin descriptor for the jboss-as-5 plugin:




          Most resource types in the descriptor (i.e. server or service elements) map to a single ManagedComponent type, e.g. for Queues:



          <service name="Queue"               
                           subCategory="JMS Destinations"


                          <c:simple-property name="componentType" default="JMSDestination" readOnly="true"/>
                          <c:simple-property name="componentSubtype" default="Queue" readOnly="true"/>


          So the Queue resource type maps to the JMSDestination:Queue ManagedComponent type. However, you'll notice there are exceptions, such as the JBoss AS Server resource type, which pull from multiple ManagedComponent types.

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            Thanks, that is what I was looking for. I see it in the jopr-jboss-as-5-plugin-1.4.0.B01.jar/META-INF/rhq-plugin.xml of the admin-console.war/plugins directory.