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    SOAPProxy for beginners

    Alex K Newbie

      That question might sound really newbe cause I'm actually absolutlly not a web developer ... please don't go to hard on me^^


      I'm trying to initialize a SOAP-Webservice Routing throught JBoss ESB. I want the ESB to consume an endpoint and re-publicate it. Basicly it's just configuring the ESB isn't it? According to the Programmers Guide the best way to do this is the SOAPProxy not the HttpRouter. Is this right? It says that it's all about this:


      <action name="proxy">
      <property name="wsdl"


      I just have no clue how to deploy this on the Server. Am I supposed to make a web archive out of it? What would be the standart procedure to set up a SOAPProxy, what kind of files do I need or is it already deployed somewhere? How can I work it?



      thankful for help