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    Building HornetQ - Maven Home is overridden?

    jaikiran pai Master

      I was looking at one of the issues in EJB3/HornetQ integration in AS trunk and wanted to test a change in HornetQ code. I checked out the code and modified a file and decided to build it. I saw a build.xml in the HornetQ trunk so I first did:


      ant -p


      to get a list of all available targets (and then decide the simplest/quickest one to run). However, it failed with a message saying that I have to use the build.sh:


      hornetq/trunk/build.xml:29: *** Please build by using the build.sh script (or build.bat on Windows) ***


      I personally think that it would nice to allow running ant -p to get the targets, so that the users can later do:



      build.sh targetName


      I then used the build.sh command to trigger the build and notice that build script sets the Maven Home to a folder within the hornetq project and ignores the already set Maven home:


           [echo] Maven Home set to /home/me/blah/hornetq/trunk/tools/maven


      This results to Maven downloading the entire universe once again (a very time consuming process), because it ignores my local repo. Any reason why the Maven home is being overridden?