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    DataTable issues

    Parimal Patel Newbie
      I am trying to implement a data table with the following features: Horizontal & Vertical Scrolling, Sorting, Pagination and Fixed Column Headers when scrolling.
      I tried using extendedDataTable, but it seems to have known issue with Horizontal Scrolling.
      When using dataTable inside a HTML div tag, I am able to implement all the needed features except for Fixed Column Headers. Any way to get column headers fixed with dataTable?
      scrollableDataTable provides all the needed features out of the box except for Pagination. To implement database level pagination as suggested in the document, I tried creating a custom data model that extends ScrollableTableDataModel and overwrote loadData(), getID() and getObjectById() methods, and passed this object to the value attribute of ScrollableDataTable. But now my table doesn't show any data. After debugging, I noticed that loadData method in my data model doesn't get called (other methods like getRowCount() gets called multiple times).
      Attached is the code I used for ScrollableDataTable implementation, it builds on top of the demo code for ScrollableDataTable available in RichFaces home page.

      Really appreciate any input to help get this resolved.