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    Cannot unsubscribe from Topic 4.2.3.GA

    BJ Chippindale Master

      Clustered  4.2.3.GA


      Dual homed system.


      First Nic on each system (eth0) not part of subnet.   Second Nic is common to each.


      Cluster reports being formed OK... seems to function OK.


      Using Hornetq for messaging.  2.0.0.GA




      System works as advertised in normal conditions.



      Testing  with cluster intact.


      Stopped one of the subscribers to a topic on node1.    Durable subscriber.   Good client ID. 

      Used JMX controls to undeploy the subscriber and these report no errors during process.


      Messages not forwarded to other subscriber... this is not expected behaviour.


      Restart of  the subscriber blocked.  Already subscribed error from Hornetq.


      Same with, without messages.



      Testing with node 2 taken down completely


      Aside from not seeing forwarding which is now expected behaviour :-)


      Subscriber has relinquished subscription.


      No problem bringing subscriber back.