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    Difference between JBoss and Tomcat

    Andreas Melvanius Novice

      Hi all,


      I'm totally new to the JBoss community and the JBoss AS. I'v primarly worked with Tomcat before and would be very greatful if anybody could clarify how the War file and exploded war works in JBoss since I'm a bit confused regarding this at the moment.


      My experience from Tomcat is that you can build a war-file, put it in the webapps directory and it will either unpack it in the webapps dir directly (hot deployment) or do it after a restart of the server. If I then want to edit or replace any part of my webapp I simply edit/overwrite the jsp's, lib's or js files in the unpacked web application directory under webapps. If I want to make a new fully redeployment from a new war file I simply delete the directory (maybe clear the works folder) and restart the server. Very nice and I worked like this during the last four years.


      Now, over to JBoss. If I create a war file and put it in server/default/deploy , restart the server it will be deployed. But no exploded folder is created except for the one in the work directory. I would expect to see an exploded directory outside of the work directory, maybe even as a subdirectory to the deploy folder. I googled this and it looks like you will have to make a choice with JBoss. You either always deploy a war file or you copy the exploded directory to the deploy folder. This sounds very strange to me since JBoss (all respect to Tomcat) is a much greater product than Tomcat.


      Please tell me that I have gotten this totally wrong and give me a description of how war deployment and file editing in an exploded directory is supported in the JBoss application server. Btw, I'm using the 4.2 version of JBoss at the moment.


      greatfull for any help