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    Open letter to the jBPM community


      This is the discussion space for the open letter to the jBPM community to be published Friday, March 26, 2010 on the Enterprise BPM blog. Please add your comments, questions and remarks here.

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          Hi Alejandro,


          It is certainly a sad news but it is really good to hear that jBPM will continue. I have started with jBPM not so long ago but I am already convinced that it will bring a lot to different businesses and community. It has been great time for me to be part of such fast growing community, professional expertise and people willing to help.


          I would like to wish you all the best with your assignment.



          If you are looking for contributors I would like to offer my help.




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            The exit of Tom  and Joram is really a very bad news, but even more disconcerting is that they are leaving jBPM to start a new Open Source BPM platform.


            Is this decision due to a lack of support from JBoss to the jBPM project? I think it would be important clarify as soon as possible the new situation and what will be the following steps in the jBPM project.


            Our company has spent a lot of time upgrading the integration of jBPM from the 3.2.x to the 4.x, and this news leave us very worried.


            By the way, I would  like to congratulate your new position.

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              We are equally concerned since jBPM is an important component in our system.

              Our current plan was to skip jBPM 4.3 and go concentrate on moving straight to 4.4 (we are currently on 4.1).

              So my question is do you have a clear idea how this news will effect the date of the next production release?



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                Maciej, thank you for your support. If you are interested in contributing to the project you are always welcome.

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                  Hi Alejandro,

                    It is very sad to hear Tom left jBPM. And I am glad to see you can continue jBPM's development. The distribution of jBPM 4.4 is a little late, I wish it could be release in the near future. Is there any help I could do?

                  Thank you.

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                    It is certainly sad news that Tom and Joram both left JBoss. I wish you good luck in your new position, Alejandro and I hope that it won't take too long to get the development of jBPM 4 back to a normal state. Have you done some planning yet? Maybe all these BPMN2 features should be postponed and jBPM 4.4 should be a release focusing on bugfixing and further stabilizing.


                    Maciej, I would like to thank you for helping out in the forums. Thanks for taking care of the community. Your help is highly appreciated.






                    EDIT: corrected stupid typo in my own name!

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                      Hello Alejandro!


                      Are their any news yet on jBPM 4.x? I think the community would love to hear a statement about the future development of jBPM 4.x.

                      Even if there are no news regarding personnel questions a statement about the future strategy (migration from jBPM 3.x to 4.x, support for jBPM 4.x) would be necessary IMHO.




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                        To Javier, Ed, Huisheng and Sebastian: excuse me if I did not reply earlier. There have been (and still are) discussions at JBoss about the ongoing plans. Today we made an announcement on the subject: the jBPM 5 Request for Comments. As described in the announcement jBPM 5 is an initiative based in the combined experiences of jBPM and Drools Flow. jBPM 4 is still an open topic which we want to discuss publicly through the jbpm-dev maling list.

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                          Hello Alejandro,


                          first of all let me thank you for your reply. I understand that there are still discussions goging on at JBoss but I have to admit that I can't understand how you can make a kind of announcement regarding jBPM 5 if you still don't know about the future of jBPM 4.x. With respect to the original roadmap jBPM 4.x was jBPM 5 in developement - stable but not with the complete feature set aimed at.


                          Please also pay attention to my comments on the developers' list. I will be glad to get in dialog with you on the list.


                          Good luck



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                            I glad to finally see some announcements about future of jBPM.

                            It is important to have plans as well for BPM 4.x since this is what most of people are using now and there are several pending questions that shall be answered. I assume that work on jBPM 5 will take some time till it will be released and I hope that this time gap could be filled in by continuing development of jBPM 4.x


                            Looking forward to public discussion on dev list.