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    reRender + WAS 7 problem

    samuel contreras Novice

      hi band, i have a problem runing  richfaces 3.3.2 SR1 on was


      my code is

                          <a4j:outputPanel  id="pnlBroker" rendered="#{ExistBean.existBroker}" >
                               <h:selectOneMenu id="cboListBroker"  value="#{ClientBean.broker}">
                                   <f:selectItem itemLabel="Selecciona un  broker"></f:selectItem>
                                   <f:selectItems id="itmBroker"  value="#{BrokerList.brokerList}"></f:selectItems>
                                   <a4j:support event="onchange" action="#{ClientBean.updateProd}"  reRender="pnlProduct"/>


                          <a4j:outputPanel  id="pnlProduct" >
                              <h:selectOneMenu  id="cboListProd" value="#{ClientBean.product}">
                                   <f:selectItem itemLabel="Selecciona un  producto"></f:selectItem>
                                   <f:selectItems  value="#{ProductList.productList}"></f:selectItems>


      when the action ClientBean.updateProd  is  called all is ok but when intent back the reRender pnlProduct  doesnt work, because dont actualize the component with the id =  pnlProduct


      the trace:


      [26/03/10 17:27:23:781 CST]  00000018  AjaxContext   W org.ajax4jsf.context.AjaxContextImpl convertId  Target  component for id pnlProduct not found


      thx so much