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    Generating a working application that uses EJB

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      I started using JBoss Tools a month ago. JBossTools-3.0.3.GA, Eclipse Platform Version: 3.4.2.When I invoke generate entities and reverse-engineer options it creates a fully working application that uses JavaBeans, NOT the EJB's. I am willing to work with EJB's and I wonder  why it doesn't generate a working application, with information discovered form database that uses EJB. Or does it? Is it possible to generate EJB's from the JavaBeans (EntityHome and EntityList) that is generated? Any advice is welcome.


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          Denis Golovin Master

          It is uses EJB for Seam Web Project in EAR deployment, but only for business logic, so Seam Action in such projects is represented by interface with @Local annotation and bean implementation with @Stateless annotation. It uses @Entity annotations for persistent objects to signifies the fact that the class is a JPA entity. Seam Web project generation is based on Seam-Gen templates that comes with Seam runtime.