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    How to reset  postoffice for a cluster?

    BJ Chippindale Master

      I have a fair few hours invested in creating an application with a cluster defined in and set up in Hornetq.


      Using Hornetq in JBoss-4.2.3.GA.... connected to Oracle DB.


      Wanted  to change the clustering of Hornetq to another different clustering arrangement (Discovery is not working due to poorly conceived dual-homed arrangement, not under my control and not able to be changed). 


      So... so... so.    Changed the cluster definition and all of a sudden obtained about 20 different queue definitions that are not part of the hornetq queue definitions and are no longer bound to the cluster.     These create a lot of exceptions and the applications aren't going to work.    The exceptions  are coming from the postoffice.impl and appear to be tied to the cluster SOMEWHERE but exactly where I have not figured out.    This happens with any sort of change to the clustering definition. Adding a cluster, changing its members slightly, changing how it FINDS its members (same members).  Nothing works.


      I don't want them.  I want it to rebuild from scratch on the new cluster definition I created but without having to reinstall all my Applications from scratch.  


      Has anyone got a clue how to persuade this to happen?