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    A challenging question: Clustering and Load Balancing

    Thomas Chang Apprentice

      We deploy the application on 4 JBoss AS (from AS1 to AS4). They are load-balanced by Apache Http Server by using the mod_jk. If a request from client comes in, it will forwarded to one of the ASs, taked AS1. A connection between Apache and AS1 is build. A session with session-id is also built and all the requests and responses will be transferted via this session. This session should be kept so long as the client close the session.


      Our problem is: bcz of unknown reason the connection between Apache and AS1 is there and the requestion from client couldn't sent to AS1 but to the other one, taked AS3. Since the session is not begin be AS3, so we got exception of "NoSuchFlowException".


      I think if I use the clustering for these 4 Jboss AS, such problem maybe overcome.


      I am not sure if this is a good idea or if it'S possible to do so. Besides, I am not sure if one has to do some change in the application so that the session could be relicated.