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    ui.pack.js and framework.pack.js not cached in IE with SSL enabled

    Stefan Tausendpfund Novice



      the js files and css files are not cached in jboss when using https. The server adds a

      Pragma: No-cache

      in Header which prevents the IE to cache the content with https enabled. Firefox ignores this field and sends a check modified request.


      This can be fixed in the InternetResourceBase.java:


      --- src/main/java/org/ajax4jsf/resource/InternetResourceBase.java       (revision 16680)
      +++ src/main/java/org/ajax4jsf/resource/InternetResourceBase.java       (working copy)
      @@ -411,6 +411,7 @@
                   context.setDateHeader("Expires", System.currentTimeMillis() + expired);
                   context.setHeader("Cache-control", "max-age=" + (expired / 1000L));
      +            context.setHeader("Pragma", "Public");
               } else {
                   if (contentLength > 0) {


      Is this the right place to add and is there a chance to get this in the actual 3.3.3 release?