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    Open default mail server using <a4j:commandLink

    Sandeep Gowda Newbie


        i am trying to open my system default mail(gmail) box. can you please help me how to go about it.


      What has be the action method?.


      IN .xhtml page on client side.


      <a4j:commandLink id="strEmailAddress" action="#"
                                      style="width:200px;" value="#{RegistrationBean.strEmailAddressLink}"></a4j:commandLink>



      bean class:


      public String getStrEmailAddressLink() {
              return strEmailAddressLink = "mailto:+mb.sandeepgowda@gmail.com";


          public void setStrEmailAddressLink(String strEmailAddressLink) {
              this.strEmailAddressLink = strEmailAddressLink;