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    Issue with Subscription mode "E-Mail validation and admin approval"

    nikodc Newbie

      Hi. I'm testing JBoss Portal in order to check whether it's suitable for a project we are planning to do.


      I'm having a problem trying to configure the user registration with subscription mode "E-Mail validation and admin approval". The jBPM workflow was apparently stucked (in fact it was pending) and I couldn't found an easy way to check why. After a couple of minutes of testing I found my email account was incorrectly configured and that explained why there was an error about this in the server's log. Instead of reconfiguring the server I directly browsed to the email verification URL (someone posted in a blog what the format of that URL was) and a page showing the validation success message came along. After that, I logged in as a portal admin and browsed to the User Management section... then I clicked the "Show pending registrations" link but unfortunately the list was empty. I tryied to find out for a couple of hours why this happened but I was unable to discover a solution. Any ideas?


      Info: JBoss Portal 2.7.2 bundled with JBoss AS 4.2.3, Ubuntu Desktop 9.04, Java SE 1.6.0_18-b07