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    ANNOUNCE:  Martin Marinschek on MyFaces 2.0, IRIAN, and Related Topics

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      In this podcast, JSFCentral editor-in-chief Kito D. Mann talks with Martin Marinschek about MyFaces, IRIAN, and related topics. This interview was recorded in December of 2009 at the JSF Summit conference in Orlando, Florida. Here is an excerpt:


      Kito:     Let’s talk a little bit about the project. MyFaces was originally just an implementation but now it has grown into a very large set of projects. Tell us a bit about some of the different projects that are part of the MyFaces umbrella.


      Martin:   I hope I don’t miss anything. Of course there is the core MyFaces implementation and API. For the JSF implementation you have to do the API and the Impl, so it is actually two jars which are developed in the core section. Then there are the three component libraries: Trinidad, Tomahawk, and Tobago. Then there is Orchestra, which is a conversation scope implementation for long running conversations with integration to JPA as well. Then there is the JSF Portlet Bridge, and there is ExtVal validation integration for JSF, where you can put annotations on your managed beans and domain objects. It will directly be converted into JSF converters and validators, pretty nicely done. Now that bean validation has been standardized, it is also an implementation of bean validation, so you can use the bean validation annotations together with ExtVal.



      Read the full article  here:  http://www.jsfcentral.com/articles/marinschek-03-10.html



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