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    Execution Timeout on <group> and <process>

    Sameeh Harfoush Expert


      I am working on a business workflow that has a timeout restriction on

      1. The whole workflow (the      whole process must finish in 72 hours)
      2. A group of tasks and activities      (the group must finish in 24 hours), I am using the <group> tag


      In the JPBM 4.3 developer guide the <group> can have a timer in a transition

          <transition to="escalate">
            <timer duedate="2 business hours" />

      But when I implement it, the XSD is validating it as an error in the JPDL xml format


      Did anyone implement such a cases?



        • 1. Execution Timeout on <group> and <process>
          Jim Hill Newbie

          I am having the same problem and was going to present a post similar to yours.  In my case I'm running a custom java node that implements

          ExternalActivityBehaviour to wait for a messge.  The validation is specifying that one of the following is missing:





















          cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content was found starting with element 'timer'.
          One of '{"http://jbpm.org/4.4/jpdl":description,
                   "http://jbpm.org/4.4/jpdl":mail}' is expected.

          I'm experiencing this problem in  JBPM 4.4.  Can anyone help Sameeh and I out here?  This is what my jpdl looks like:

            <group name="SendTHGroup">
                <transition name="to WaitForTH"
              <custom name="WaitForTH"
                <transition name="to DidUserSendTH"
              <decision name="DidUserSendTH">
                <transition name="TH Sent"
                  <condition expr="#{className==&quot;THObject&quot;}"/>
                <!-- If we did not receive the TH object, keep waiting -->
                <transition name="Keep waiting"
              <end name="SendTHDone" />
              <transition name="toLaunchEDForm"
              <transition name="timeout1" to="NotifyUserOfTimeout">
                <timer duedate="5 minutes" />

          Thanks for any help you can provide.