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    Management API dependencies

    Jeff Mesnil Master

      I just realized we have dependencies issues with our management API changes.


      Now that HornetQServerControl depends on AddressSettings and Roles interface, a client wanting to use the JMX interfaces must import the hornetq-core.jar instead of relying on the client jar.


      I'm fixing this now: the idea is that the management API MUST be self-contained and do not expose HornetQ interfaces (or classes!) outside of the management packages.

      For example instead of exposing AddressSettings class (and its own deps), I'm adding a AddressSettingsInfo data structure in the management package that a client can use without any other dependency. I'm doing the same for Roles.


      Sorry for not having spotted that issue before...

      I'm fixing hornetq, jopr-plugin & hornetq-int for this.