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    MBean created with @Service annotation needs descriptions in JMX-console

    Jochen H Newbie

      I have a class which I annotated with @Service (org.jboss.annotation.ejb.Service). So my class will be a message driven bean which appears in the JMX-console.


      I have some methods in that class that don't have a description in the JMX-concole. The parameters are also not foreseen with descriptions. For some methods, it's not clear which parameter is which. For some methods, you have to specify a date with a certain date format. I want to specify that date format in the description of the parameter


      So this is how it looks now ...

      ** p1 [ ] (no description)

      ** p2 [ ] (no description)


      This is how I want it be looking ...

      ** p1 [ ] (startdate (use: yyyy/MM/dd))

      ** p2 [ ] (enddate (use: yyyy/MM/dd))


      Any idea's?