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    Show modalpanel while redirecting to another page

    Daniel Lechner Novice



      In my application, I have a small form which configures a chart. When clicking on submit, the server answers with a redirect to the URL where the image will dynamically be created. When the chart-image is rendered, it is sent with a "content-disposition" header in order to show the download-dialog in the browser.

      Since the creation of the chart may take some time, I would like to show some small modalpanel which tells the user that his request is being processed (and which prevents him hitting some buttons in the meantime).


      Basically, this isn't a problem. When hitting the submit button, I can close the form and show some small modalpanel. After a while, the browser asks me where to put the created image. But after saving the image (or aborting the download), the modalpanel is still there,  since the same page is still displayed. The only possibility to get the webapplication working again is by pressing the back-button of the browser.


      So is there a possibility to automatically close the modalpanel when the server sends the generated image?